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Carpet Tiles

Back in the day, most carpet came on a 12 foot roll. We fought with elevators or hauled it up flights of stairs. If you were in an occupied space, everything had to come out. Your files, your desk, your Hello Kitty collection. And the problems didn’t end there. Bad stains became part of the landscape you looked at every day while you waited for the rest of the carpet to wear out. The seams raveled. Yarn snags became ten foot long “zippers” when the sweeper got a good hold of them.

It was wasteful from the start, carpet you paid for! Waste from broadloom carpet ranges from 8%-20% or more. Large patterns require pattern matching, or alignment. Sure, the big pieces can be saved for repairs, but most end-users either forgot where they stored it or it “grew legs” and disappeared.

Today, there are more carpet options than ever. And the most popular one is carpet tile!

Here are three things you may not know:

1. Tile is easier to install. The best part is that your furniture and your files stay put. You are, however, going to have to box up the Hello Kitty collection. This equates to less downtime for you, the occupant. Small elevator to the 15th floor? No problem. Want accents for wayfinding down your corridor? Done. Since carpet tile is installed with releasable adhesive, there are fewer problems during installation and down the road.

2. Think mosaics. Carpet tile enables you to create patterns you could never do in broadloom. And now that tiles come in planks, facets, and hexagons, the ability to be creative just keeps getting better. If you can’t quite imagine what it will look like in your space, we can provide you with digital imaging for that. And if you need the occasional pop of color for your new corporate branding campaign, we can do that too.

3. Tile can be your lowest cost of ownership. The rule of thumb is that 20% of your floor gets 80% of the wear. Carpet tile allows you to replace pieces selectively. And now with Random Pattern carpet tile installations, you don’t have the Band-Aid look of a new tile replacement. If you tear down a wall, cut in a new door, or mysteriously develop a nasty stain, you guessed it, it’s not a problem! Because of the durable backing, carpet tile does not run, zipper, or delaminate.

Times have changed, and when it comes to carpet it’s for the better!