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Vintage and vinyl floors are synonymous to some, but in reality, vinyl flooring has changed drastically over the past decade.

In fact, it’s estimated to grow nearly $50 billion within the next five years, making it a top flooring choice for many designers. But what has caused the growth from grandma’s kitchen to a go–to finish for some of the most beautiful spaces?

With improved design possibilities and installation technology, the emergence of luxury vinyl tile (LVT) has completely transformed the way we think of vinyl flooring. Expected to grow annually at a rate of 14.1%, LVT products maintain a high level of water resistance, durability and lower costs than traditional flooring.

Additionally, LVT products are no longer limited by design, allowing users to go above and beyond what was once possible. Architects, designers and owners can now mimic their traditional counterparts, like wood, ceramic and marble, to the exact detail. But many are choosing to make a statement by using woven textile LVT or by adding pops of color to traditional flooring looks.

But the advancements in aesthetics aren’t the only thing making LVT rise in popularity. With an industry–wide labor shortage, LVT manufacturers are focusing on creating more products that are easier to install and require less continual maintenance.

Custom laser-cut images were installed with Luxury Vinyl Tile to make a truly special and unique experience for Pointview Elementary School in Westerville, OH.

LVT finishes are now more stain–, scuff– and dirt–resistant than ever, improving the long–term performance and durability of the flooring. Most manufacturers also offer products with adhesive backings resulting in faster installation. This quicker install means less money spent on labor and less downtime so you can start enjoying your new floors sooner.

Although these advancements have made LVT more desirable, one specific LVT product stands above the rest: Multilayer Flooring, a new subset of LVT that is distinguished by superior performance and strength.

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